In This Issue: Third Quarter, 2011

EMS Solutions l Product Highlights
In the Q1 2011 Issue of TriTalk we announced that Sweet-Online Billing was expanding to include the full complement of features and functionality of installed version of Sweet-Billing, as well as Fusion ePCR moving into a Web-Based Computing Model.

Featured Customers

VisiNet Solutions Highlight l Dane County Public Safety Communications Center
Dane County has signed a contract for TriTech’s VisiCAD computer-aided dispatch and VisiNet Mobile data solutions.  According to Dane County Public Safety Communications Director John Dejung, “The user acceptability of VisiCAD solution was a key component in our selection process. With the large number and variety of agencies that our communicators serve, our review team was able to see how the new system, which features dynamic unit recommendations and advanced dispatch logic, would help them do things better and make their jobs easier.”

Imc Solutions Highlight l Maumelle Police Department
The Police Department of the City of Maumelle, located in Central Arkansas and a neighboring town to Little Rock, went live with their new TriTech Software System’s Imc Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), Mobile, Administrative and Bar Coding applications at 1900 hours on June 29, 2011. The department is anticipating huge improvements in the administrative and operational workflow with the new system, saving their staff thousands of hours over the old paper and Microsoft Access database system which had been used for managing reports and communications previously. Read More...

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Special Feature

Reshaping Your Future

If you have too many calls, not enough staff and too much pressure, we get it. Making sense of the future is our business. We’re helping public safety and medical transport agencies reshape the way they manage information to help them focus on what’s important. Take a closer look at how we're helping some of our clients reshape their future:

City of Loveland (CO) - With Geo, VisiCAD’s integrated mapping component, the City of Loveland is reshaping incident and unit information into an easy-to-read map. According to Chris Shoemaker, Lead Communications Specialist for the City of Loveland, “The amount of information available in Geo is extremely important to our call-taking and dispatch operations."

Bexar County Sheriff's Office (TX) – VisiNet Mobile extends to power of VisiCAD computer-aided dispatch information to in-vehicle computers. Field personnel receive access to real-time incident information and ability to query external databases for records check returns. VisiNet Mobile is configurable, easy to maintain and administer which have reshaped the way Bexar’s County Sheriff’s deputies receive information. With customized icons for buttons, they developed a VisiNet Mobile display that was intuitive to facilitate quick, easy access to important incident and criminal information.

Gahanna Police Department (OH) – Utilizing TriTech’s Imc Solution, Gahanna Division of Police is experiencing tremendous operational and administrative workflow improvements. According to Lieutenant Jeff Spence, Administrative Bureau Commander for the Gahanna Division of Police, “Having a completely computerized system with quick and easy information retrieval, we’ve drastically reduced our operating expenses, and our staff is able to focus on more critical tasks.”

Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority (WV) – Fusion ePCR is a pre-hospital EMS incident documentation and data integration system that reshapes information to improve efficiency and maximize revenue. Larry Cole, former Director of Finance for Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority (KCEAA), says, “When our ambulances are parked in front of ER, it costs us $105/hour. Last month alone, that totaled $56,000. I can measure dates, times, facilities, etc. with Fusion ePCR and when I meet with the policy people in those facilities, I can now show them a graph, which is worth ten thousand words.”

Bud’s Ambulance Service (IL): Sweet-Billing enables electronic claim submission, detailed reporting, automated tasks, and integration of data from CAD and patient care reporting programs to save data entry time and increase the accuracy and efficiency of the EMS billing process. “The reporting features are fantastic,” said John McGehee, the Corporate Compliance and Information Systems Manager. “The CFO likes the built-in reports and can get the information he needs from the system without having to rely on someone else to pull the information.” The work flow is also much easier for the billing staff.”

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Product and Service Updates

VisiNet Solutions l Product Highlights
VisiCAD’s Unit Swap module improves response time and resource management by immediately providing dispatchers with additional vehicle recommendations that become newly available and closer than originally dispatched units. With Unit Swap, responders will be able to arrive on scene quicker potentially saving lives and safeguarding property. Read More...

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